History and activities

Founded in 1997 in Dakar Senegal, Democrat Union Africa (DUA) is an alliance of the centre-right political parties in the African Continent. As an affiliate regional body of the International Democrat Union -the global association of the conservative, Christian Democratic and centre-right political parties (IDU) – the DUA was formed to contribute in achieving a united, democratic and prosperous Africa by advancing centre-right ideals on the continent.

The role of the DUA is in the modern Africa is more crucial than ever as the continent confronts a multitude of economic, political, social and security challenges. The DUA holds a firm believe that Africa can only develop to its full potential by embracing the ideals of full democracy, freedom of the individual and growing the economy based on free competitive enterprise and individual initiative.

The DUA provides a platform for member parties, policy experts, legislators and special groups to meet and exchange policy ideas, best practices of campaigning and winning elections and fundraising mechanisms. It is also an important platform for forging closer cooperation of member parties through networking. Therefore, we organise conferences, trainings and research on issues of concern on the African Continent.


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