As Liberians prepare for the Presidential election run-off slated for the 14th November, 2023, the Democrat Union of Africa (DUA) – the Alliance of the centre-right political parties on the continent -hereby extends our well wishes to our member party, the Unity Party (UP) and their Presidential candidate Hon Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

The DUA commends the good campaign deployed by the UP and Hon Boakai in which they offered Liberians with a clearer and well-focused path in restoring Liberia lost direction by the incumbent.

With a clear mission to rescue the nation  from economic mismanagement, rampant corruption and the mushrooming poverty by and under the incumbent administration, the UP and Hon Boakai have throughout their campaign trail explained to Liberians how they will re-focus, rebrand and re-build Liberia that has been derailed from its right path over the last six years.

The DUA is confident that the UP and Hon Boakai will provide the much-needed leadership in building a job-creating economy, restoring good governance credentials gained under UP-led administration before and re-instituting clearer poverty reduction policies.

Given incidents of violence towards the October held-polls and given heighted political tension precipitated by the fact that the UP and Hon Boakai are poised to secure victory in the run-off polls, the DUA;

Demands Liberia authorities to guarantee and protect the democratic right of all Liberians by ensuring security throughout the process of voting, counting and declaring the winner.

Emphasise that the Liberia National Elections Commission (NEC) remain un-interfered for them to deliver a clean, credible and free, inclusive and transparent election.

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